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About A1 Services

Get to know A1

A1 Services is a dedicated cleaning and property maintenance business with an affordable approach to our customers' unique needs, we aim to deliver A1 quality.

We are a highly professional residential and commercial office cleaning, painting and handyman service provider proudly serving the greater Moncton area.

We stop at nothing to provide the best home and office services where our clients needs come first. A1 Services is proud to offer you a wide range of reliable residential and commercial solutions with incomparable quality all at reasonable prices.

Moreover, we use exclusively ecological and environmentally friendly products and high performance, coming from the latest technologies, techniques and professional equipment to ensure optimum efficiency for our clients.

What makes A1 different?

  • HEPA filtered vacuums

  • Text Reminders

  • Online Booking 

  • Weekend Services Offered

  • Personalised Cleaning Services

  • Consistent Reliability

Why choose A1?

  • Meticulous Quality Control

  • Eco-friendly Solutions

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Free Quotes/Estimates

  • Friendly Service

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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